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Zdeněk Tomášek s.r.o.

We are a family-owned transport company that was established on 23.1.2007. We reliably deliver our customers’ shipments all over Europe.
On 22.1.2021, our company passed a significant milestone when it became part of the O.K.TRANS holding and our full owner is now O.K. Trans Praha spol. s r.o.. The O.K.TRANS holding is also a group of family-owned companies, which is clearly evident in the corporate culture of all the holding companies and their relationships to their employees.
The takeover by O.K.TRANS has opened up further opportunities for us to improve the quality of the services we provide for our customers. Thanks to the strong financial backing of the O.K.TRANS group, we are currently undergoing a major upgrading of our fleet along with introducing modern software, without which it is impossible to imagine modern freight transport.
This means that we can now offer the services of a public petrol station, storage in logistics halls, servicing in the authorized DAF service stations in Chýně and Roudnice nad Labem and the unauthorized service stations in Chlumec nad Cidlinou, Lysá nad Labem and Otrokovice, customs declaration services or we can transport goods with temperature control.
Our goal is to continuously improve the quality of the services we arrange with you, we want to reassure our customers that they made the right decision to be with us.

Ing. Martin Hrubý
Company CEO

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