Truck transport

Our fleet is a modern truck fleet of more than 120 units ready to meet the most demanding customer requirements.



Description: Schmitz and Kogel 13,6 m
internal height 3 meters
volume 100 m2
payload up to 24,000 kg
33 pallet places

Axles3 x 9,000 kg
Track / spring centre2,040 / 1,300 mm
Disc brakesØ 430 mm
Axle spacing1,310 / 1,310 mm
Tyres385/55 R 22.5′′
Trailer load12,000 kg
Aggregate load (technical)27,000 kg
Gross vehicle weight (technical)39,000 kg
Unladen weight*6,870 kg
Payload (technical)32,130 kg
Overall length13,720 mm
Overall width2,550 mm
Internal body length13,620 mm
Internal body width (incl. door threshold)2,480 mm
Side through-loading length13,090 mm
Front internal body height2,750 / 3,050 mm
Rear internal body height2,900 / 3,050 mm
Front side through-loading height2,600 / 2,900 mm
Rear side through-loading height2,750 / 2,900 mm
Frame height front / rear90 / 350 + 28 mm
Fifth wheel height (loaded**)965 mm
Rear loading height (loaded)1,050 mm
Full height loaded, approx.4,000 mm


Description: Schmitz extension 15.5 m
internal height 3 meters
volume 120 m2
payload up to 24,000 kg
38 pallet places

 M.CS 26 SZ.CS 18 S
Internal body length7,320 mm8,120 mm
Euro pallet spaces18 units20 units
Loading capacity53.5 m³60.5 m³
Empty weightfrom 2,100 kg (body weight)from 4,400 kg
Permitted total weight26,000 kg18,000 kg
Axle load (AL)7,500 kg + 19,000 kg18,000 kg
Interior height2,9003,000 mm
Internal side through-loading height2750 mm (can be lifted by 400 mm)2750 mm (can be lifted by 400 mm)
Height of loading dockapprox. 1,030 mm, depending on truck chassis990 mm
Tyresin accordance with the motor vehicle equipment in the quotation445/45 R19.5 or 435/50 R19.5
CertificatesDIN EN 12642 XL/ Beverage (optional)/ Daimler 9.5 (optional)DIN EN 12642 XL/ Beverage (optional)/ Daimler 9.5 (optional)


Description: Schmitz 13,6 m
freezing temperature up to -25 ° C
32 pallet spaces

Body lengthLAapprox. 13,600 mm
Interior body lengthLapprox. 13,410 mm
Interior body widthBapprox. 2,460 mm
Interior body heightLHapprox. 2,650 mm
Usable body lengthLNapprox. 13,315 mm
Usable body height approx. 2,650 mm
Full height, unladenHAapprox. 4,008 mm
Full height front unladen approx. 4,009 mm
Full height rear unladen approx. 4,008 mm
Trailer coupling height, rear, unladenHapprox. 1,273 mm
Tyres 4 x 385/65 R 22.5′′
Total weight 39,000 kg
Payload 31,040 kg
Axle unit load 27,000 kg
Fifthwheel load 15,000 kg
Unladen weight +/- 3 % 7,960 kg
Trailer coupling height, unladenSapprox. 1,140 mm
Trailer coupling height, loadedSapprox. 1,115 mm
Total length approx. 13,550 mm
Riding height 410 mm
Body widthBAoverall approx. 2,600 mm
WheelbaseR7,600 mm
Interior rear door height approx. 2,640 mm
Interior rear door width approx. 2,460 mm
Axle distanceW1.310 mm
Front overhangF1.600 mm